The termicidal effect of some plant material on some selected wood species


Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure. Nigeria.
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The resistance of some wood species treated with plant extracts against termite attack was investigated in this study. Three wood species were used for the study (Ceiba petandra (Araba), Gmelina arborea and Triplochiton scleroxylon (obeche)) they were treated with five different plant extract (Allium sativum extract, Datura stamonium extract, Jatropha curcus oil, Musa acuminata sucker extracts and the Chrysophyllum albidum extract). The treated wood samples were exposed to termite infestation for a period of 12 weeks at the timber grave yard. Before exposure, the wood samples were oven dried for 24 hours at 105 °C, cold soaked for 24 hours and condition for 72 hours. The visual observations of the wood were recorded bi-weekly for 12 weeks. All the plant extracts were in 100% concentration except D. stramonium which had a concentration of 0.058%. The result showed that C. petandra had the highest mean percentage absorption for D. stramonium water extracts with 89.06% follow by M. acuminata extract with 58%, while C. albidum extracts had the least absorption. The weight loss was significantly lower in G. arborea wood. It was observed that D. stramonium water extracts and J. curcas were found effective for wood preservation in other to elongate the life span of wood material.

Keywords: Allium sativum, Datura stamonium, Jatropha curcus, infestation, extracts.

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